It's time to move on from surviving to fully living.

WholeTherapy’s focus is helping you overcome barriers to enjoying greater wellbeing, confidence, and more authentic relationships – leading to the life you want.

We are a virtual therapy practice specializing in the treatment of adults who struggle with symptoms of anxiety or depression, or who wish to increase self-esteem or capacity for relationships. We aim to increase our clients’ ability to authentically connect with others – and themselves – and diminish unnecessary suffering. We use holistic, research-based and trauma-informed interventions tailored to address the unique needs of each person.

We can help you realize the sense of peace, self-confidence, and authentic connection that form the foundation of a rewarding life.

Imagine Your Life With...

Experience a feeling of freedom in your relationships.
Imagine a greater sense of ease in your day.
It's time to release your doubts and deeply know that you are enough.


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The story of how infants connect with their caregivers (called “attachment”), and what happens when this goes wrong, could be the most important untold story in mental health. What I’m about to tell you, will help you make sense of life-long patterns.

I can’t think of a higher calling than living one’s best life.